Solar thermal

Evacuated tube solar thermal systemEvacuated tube solar thermal system

Solar thermal systems harnessed energy from the sun to provide domestic hot water. These systems do not generally provide space heating (although they can). In a typical system, a heat transfer medium (generally a water/antifreeze mixture) travels through a series of heat conducting tubes known as a heat collector. During its circulation through the tubes, the fluid picks up heat which is then transferred to the domestic hot water supply as it passes through a coil in an appropriate storage cylinder.

Commercially available systems are either indirect (closed loop) or direct (open loop). With the more common indirect system, circulating fluid flows through the collector and transfers the heat to a hot water tank.


We offer a full range of services for solar thermal, from the initial feasibility to detailed R&D work on the integration of the systems with other technologies. Example offering include;
  • Initial feasibility of renewable systems to find most appropriate solution
  • Energy output calculations
  • Energy demand calculations of domestic and commercial properties
  • Design of systems
  • Planning applications
  • Assistance with procurement of contractors
  • Assistance with registration for renewable heat incentive or equivalent.
  • Detailed R&D work on the integration of solar thermal with a range of other technologies
  • Training for installers and designers
  • Due diligence
  • Reviews of existing and cutting edge technologies
  • State of the market reports