Low carbon buildings

Reed Street zero carbon homesReed Street zero carbon homes – image (c) Fitz Architects

In order to combat the threat of dangerous anthropogenic climate change, the UK government has a target of 80% CO2 emission reduction by the year 2050 against 1990 levels. The UK emits 595.6 mt of CO2 eq per year and, of this 27% is due to the housing stock; hence a major reduction must be made in housing emissions, both operating and embodied. By the year 2016, all new build in the UK will legally be required to be zero carbon.

However, the introduction of zero carbon homes is not enough; 66% of the housing stock to be occupied in the year 2050 is already built. In order to combat this problem, a massive retrofitting program must be undertaken of the existing housing stock, which makes up a total of approximately 26 million dwellings.


  • Thermal modelling of buildings
  • Advising architects of correct low carbon solutions
  • Assistance with planning applications
  • Feasibility of a wide range of renewable and low carbon technologies
  • Sizing of energy systems
  • Design of energy systems
  • Advice on the correct designs for buildings to take full advantage of renewable and low carbon buildings
  • Detailed monitoring of existing buildings