Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Thermal imageThermal image of social housing

Before investing in renewable energy sources, Narec Distributed Energy always recommend that energy conservation and efficiency are first tackled. This can offer a cheap and effective way of reducing costs and carbon emissions.

There are many simple measures which organisations can take, including insulation measures, improving Building Management System (BMS) controls, changing lighting, ensuring computer equipment is off at night, improving glazing and educating staff.

Narec Distributed Energy can carry out energy efficiency audits of commercial and public buildings. This can range from giving simple measures for easy and quick improvements, to detailed analysis of present heating systems, calculations of efficiency and advice on detailed works for substantial economic and carbon savings

This expertise also feeds into our work on low carbon buildings


  • Energy Audits
  • Thermal modelling of buildings
  • cost/benefit analysis
  • Building Management Systems analysis and programming
  • Thermal imaging
  • Temperature logging
  • training and awareness of staff