Biomass and biofuels

Biomass boilerBiomass boiler

Biomass fuels are generally derived from wood, crops and wastes. Biomass can be burnt to provide heat, or further processed to provide liquid or gaseous bio-fuels. The heat in turn can be used in space heating or to generate electricity. There are opportunities for farm based anaerobic digestion schemes to extract energy from manure or waste; the growing of energy crops – oil seed rape and short rotation coppice for example; and for heat from the processing of municipal waste. In the future there are opportunities for biofuels created from growing algae. However, the majority of biomass derives from burning wood for heat, either in the form of logs, chippings or pellets.


  • Pre-feasibility to establish energy efficiency, space and connection requirements of existing plant
  • Feasibility studies of biomass boilers including options and financial appraisal
  • Energy demand calculations of buildings
  • Design of systems
  • Planning applications for fuel stores, new flues etc.
  • Assistance with procurement of contractors
  • Assistance with registration for renewable heat incentive or equivalent
  • Assessment of local biofuel resources
  • Due diligence and investigation of faults