Microrenewables Toolkit 2.0

In 2007, as part of the overarching regional strategy to build a low carbon economy in the North East, the Regional Development Agency One North East (ONE) and the Association of North East Councils (ANEC) commissioned the Microrenewables Toolkit 2.0. The purpose of the project was to aid planners in ensuring the optimum low carbon solutions are used in buildings, and that developers follow all relevant national and regional policy. Further funding for the project was given through the European Regional Development Fund.

Sustainability Guidance for North East Buildings

This document was originally created by a collaboration of Narec, CP Energy, and BRE (Building Research Establishment). However since then many factors, both regulatory and technological, have changed, including the removal of the Regional Spatial Strategies, and with them regional renewable energy targets. Therefore it was felt that a dramatic rewrite was necessary. Due to these changes, Narec Distributed Energy was employed through Narec by ANEC and ONE to update and improve the original.

Within this document, the policy requirements on local authorities are discussed, and exactly what is expected of them. This document is intended to ensure that planners have a full understanding of present legislation.

There are many examples of low carbon developments, both within and outside of the UK. This document looks at some of these, and demonstrates the possibilities that are open when planning new developments. Some of these, such as Four Housing Group’s Sinclair Meadows and Gentoo’s Racecourse Estate, are within the North East of England and show exactly what an exemplar project is capable of.

Carbon Mixer® North East 2.0

A new version of the Carbon Mixer® North East software has been developed. This software offers a common language for planners, architects and developers, showing both the financial and carbon cost of new developments, ensuring that initial rough cuts of the sustainability of new developments can be assessed quickly, and so all developments are compared on the same system. Bobby Gilbert & Associates were responsible for the original version of the Carbon Mixer®, and therefore created the updated version.

Using the Microrenewables Toolkit, it is hoped that the North East will be able to follow all the relevant legislation with regard to energy, and make the region a world class exemplar on how a low carbon society can be created.


Carbon Mixer North East 2.0 is free for all planners in the North East England area. Please download the software here:

Sustainability Guidance for North East buildings is available as a downloadable pdf:

Sustainability guidence for north east england buildings pdf

Please contact toolkit@narecde.co.uk with any queries.

Explore Renewables

A sister project, the Carbon Mixer for Schools, has been funded by One North East and developed by Narec, Bobby Gilbert & Associates and the Centre for Design Research. More details can be found atwww.explorerenewables.co.uk


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Registered Power Zones report for the UK Government

This report was produced as part of a Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) funded research project. Its objectives were as follows.

  • Research the technical, regulatory and commercial possibilities associated with the concept of Registered Power Zones
  • Conduct feasibility studies on two potential RPZ sites in the CE Electric network region (northeast England)
  • From the results of the feasibility studies, draw out generic designs, rules and techniques that could be useful in any RPZ, and disseminate the results from this research project

Download: Assessing feasibility of RPZ on CE Electric network areas

Narec Distributed Energy Quality Policy Statement

Document Number

Document Name
NDE Quality Policy Statement

Version Number
V 01

Version Control

Document Version Date Author Change Description
3.1.1 01 24/04/2013 L Brown Document Release

The employees of Narec Distributed Energy Limited are dedicated to providing quality services and products that consistently meet or exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations.

This will be achieved by:-

  • employees understanding and implementing policies and procedures relevant to their work
  • employees working to high professional standards and maintaining appropriate levels of competence
  • operating effective and efficient Quality Management Systems
  • providing and maintaining facilities and equipment to an appropriate level of quality.

Our Quality Objectives have been defined to assist continual improvement of our Quality Management System in order to maintain customer satisfaction.

Quality Management Systems operated within Narec Distributed Energy are designed to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001.

Narec Distributed Energy is committed to strict adherence to the appropriate laws, regulations and requirements that govern our services as well as our Quality Management System.

PDF: 3.1.1 NDE Quality Statement